Recognized Skool Supporter

Recognized Skool Supporter

Price: $350.00
  • Recognized Skool Supporter Description:By becoming a 2016-17 Recognized Skool Supporter you will be contributing to the fundraising efforts on campus and receive recognition for your support across the SkoolLive kiosks.
  • By selecting from the Recognition Banners below, your family, business or supporter details will be highlighted on the SkoolLive kiosks across campus this school year.
  • Pledge your support for the school and receive:- 1/4 screen Supporter Recognition banner for the entire school year on all digital kiosks around campus.
  • - Student Shoutout Bundle Package - 3 x 5-day personalized messages on all kiosks around campus.
  • Student Shoutout Information:- Receive three (3) personalized messages displayed on 1/4 screen banner for five (5) days on the SkoolLive digital kiosks around campus.
  • - Messages looped from Monday to Friday on ALL campus kiosks
  • Note: To finalize your bundle package today you are only required to schedule the first Shoutout. Simply select Will Decide Later and retain your order confirmation to schedule additional messages at a later date.
  • Contact for any further details on Recognized Skool Supporter packages

School District
School Name
Student Name
Select Supporter Template
Family Supporter Name
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Type of Shoutout - 1
Shoutout Templates - 1-1
Upload Custom Image - 1-2
Personalized Message - 1-3
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Shoutout Date - 1-4
Type of Shoutout - 2
Shoutout Templates - 2-1
Upload Custom Image - 2-2
Personalized Message - 2-3
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Shoutout Date - 2-4
Type of Shoutout - 3
Shoutout Templates - 3-1
Upload Custom Image - 3-2
Personalized Message - 3-3
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Shoutout Date - 3-4
Type of Shoutout - Bonus
Shoutout Templates - Bonus-1
Upload Custom Image - Bonus-2
Personlized Message - Bonus-3
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Shoutout Date - Bonus-4


Become a recognized 2016/17 School Supporter Today and make a lasting impact on the school community. Parents and Family now have the ability to contribute to local schools and directly support student programs, meanwhile receiving on-campus recognition for their support. By becoming a 2016/17 School Supporter you will receive three (3) Student SHOUTOUT's for the school year along with a supporter recognition banner for the entire school year.

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